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Open Capital Advisors

Geographic Focus:
Sub-Saharan Africa

Grant Amount:

The Project

Open Capital Advisors is a leading strategy consulting firm focused on impact investments in frontier markets with deep experience across Sub-Saharan Africa. This research is focused on the need for catalytic debt among small and growing businesses (SGBs) in Africa, bringing the voice of SGBs into the conversation. OCA will leverage its strong relationships with more than 1,000 SGBs to conduct consultations with key small business owners, support programs, and investors—analyzing data to identify specific opportunities and key structural characteristics that could underpin the design of future catalytic capital debt funds.

Value and Outcomes

While existing research considers the SGB finance gap, OCA is further segmenting the need with a specific look at dynamic SGBs in sub-Saharan Africa, documenting how catalytic debt could enable their growth for value chain and asset financing. This effort will focus on capital challenges faced by businesses that are too small for commercial capital but have cash flow potential to repay. The goal is to bring the on-the-ground reality into catalytic capital conversations and identify potential ways to enable participation from local debt providers, which could help bridge gaps and drive widespread economic and social impact.

OCA will issue a research report on its SGB findings and propose a model for future financing, describing the elements that will contribute to successful vehicle design.

For more information on OCA, visit their website.

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