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New Growth Innovation Network

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United States

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The Project

NGIN, an organization focused on inclusive economic growth, synthesized evidence on the ways that catalytic capital has supported wealth creation for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), and identified additional opportunities to use catalytic capital to help dismantle the racial wealth gap and advance inclusive economic recovery from COVID-19. The project includes a retrospective analysis to provide learnings that can be instructive for current and future investment, exploring both demand- and supply-side challenges as well as best practices utilized by leaders in this sector.

Value and Outcomes

The work is vital given the alarming and persistent size of the racial wealth gap in the U.S., with the average wealth of white families as much as 7-10x that of Black families and more than 5x that of Latinx families. This research discusses racial justice and how catalytic capital can play a role in both addressing historical discrimination and disinvestment and in creating assets and wealth for people of color.

NGIN published an in-depth report on their findings that includes recommendations on utilizing catalytic capital to support BIPOC wealth creation and is supplementing it with roundtable discussions, videos, and events targeting the investment community.

For more information on NGIN, visit their website.

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