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Periferia Policy and Research Center

Geographic Focus:
Eastern/Southeastern Europe

Grant Amount:

The Project

The Periféria Policy and Research Center, a Budapest-based think tank, is one of seven consortium members that are collectively pursuing a project focused on the role of catalytic capital in the housing sector in eight markets across Eastern and Southeastern Europe, including both EU and non-EU countries. It will consider how catalytic capital could help spur affordable housing development and expand access to housing for social groups currently excluded from the housing market, like low-income families, the elderly, the precariously employed, single parents, and the disabled, pulling lessons from other geographies and sectors. The consortium will analyze both the supply and demand sides of the challenge, with additional work to identify bottlenecks that are impeding progress in the regional housing market.

Value and Outcomes

Access to innovative forms of housing finance is largely unavailable in this region. The consortium’s focus on the capital gap (with researchers taking a deeper dive on the housing affordability and accessibility gap in Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, and Slovenia), along with a scan of relevant global forms of investment in affordable housing, is meant to help mobilize investors and policymakers to address critical housing finance challenges.

The consortium will conduct a survey which will provide essential data on the potential target groups for new housing models, and will conduct interviews and build collaboration with investors and financiers. They will report findings through a research report and a report for investor audiences, and will present their analysis through various forums, workshops, and professional events. 

For more information on the Periféria Policy and Research Center, visit their website.

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