Partners & Projects

Learn about the organizations that are designing, deploying, and analyzing catalytic capital solutions to support social and environmental progress.

Investing in Field Partnerships

As part of C3, the MacArthur Foundation is investing capital in funds and organizations that demonstrate a powerful use of catalytic capital. Investments are designed to reduce risk, build track records, increase the scale of promising fund managers, and set the stage for other investors to participate.

Strengthening the Evidence Base

C3 grants are funding 14 research projects to analyze the uses of catalytic capital around the world and help strengthen the evidence base for the field. The goal is to fuel additional risk-tolerant, flexible, and patient investments that address critical global challenges.

Fostering Solutions & Infrastructure

C3 grants are supporting 12 plans to address barriers that create financing gaps and slow progress on critical social and environmental issues. Projects are designed to accelerate the flow of catalytic capital and support impact that would not otherwise be possible.

Impact Investing Networks

C3 is funding efforts at eight leading impact investing networks around the world to help increase the knowledge, awareness, and use of catalytic capital among a diverse set of investors globally, with a focus on sharing best practices. Click on the logos below to read more about each network and their projects.

Advancing the Practice of Catalytic Capital

C3 is supporting engagement and collective learning with leading catalytic capital providers to identify and share current best practices and advancements in the field. As part of this work, C3 conducted a series of Learning Labs with seasoned investors, which produced guidance notes and blogs to inform the field.

C3 worked in partnership with Courageous Capital Advisors (CCA) and FSG to develop a series of guidance notes focused on the seeding, scaling, and sustaining roles of catalytic capital. The guidance notes are the product of C3 Learning Labs and reflect the insights of the seasoned catalytic capital investors, who joined in-depth conversations with their peers to discuss key challenges and opportunities.

Banner Photo: E’Sens, Ivory Coast/courtesy of I&P ©Ikari Services.

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