Catalytic Capital

Fuel for Social and Environmental Progress

Investments that strengthen communities, expand economic opportunity, and support innovation that advances the well-being of people and the planet.

Building a more just, equitable, and resilient world

Millions of households, enterprises, and funds struggle to access the capital they need to build a better future for themselves and the wider world. Catalytic capital is a vital form of impact investment that addresses these critical capital gaps–offering financing that accepts disproportionate risk and/or concessionary returns relative to a conventional investment in order to generate positive impact and enable third-party investment that otherwise would not be possible. It is essential to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Research & Learning

Search for catalytic capital data and analysis that can help inform and accelerate the deployment of vital investments across sectors and regions.

News & Stories

Read more about transformative organizations and investments. Visit the Catalytic Capital Beat at ImpactAlpha for additional insights from the field.

Partners & Projects

Meet C3 investees, grantees and partners. Learn about their projects to design, deploy, and analyze catalytic capital solutions that support social and environmental progress.

Join Our Catalytic Capital Community

The Catalytic Capital Consortium (C3) is working to build a global community of practice in the field of catalytic capital through peer discussions and other opportunities to share experiences, data and analysis.

Place-based Investing: A Q&A with Urban Institute

The Urban Institute recently released its C3 research project on the impact of place-based investing activity and the role that catalytic capital plays in the work.

Brett Theodos, senior fellow and director of the Community Economic Development Hub at Urban, talked to C3 about the takeaways of Catalytic Capital for Neighborhood Reinvestment: Lessons from Cleveland.

Catalytic Capital: An Essential Impact Driver

In a commentary for Mission Investors Exchange, C3’s Urmi Sengupta takes a look at successful strategies to deploy catalytic capital in support of climate justice, place-based investing and entrepreneurship/small business development. She discusses, in particular, the increasing role of philanthropic investors in impact-first transactions.

“While many kinds of investors can participate in catalytic capital transactions, foundations and family offices are especially well-positioned to play an outsized role,” she writes. “This comes from their high degree of flexibility relative to many other types of investors, as well as their desire, if not mandate, to take an ‘impact first’ approach.”

Banner Photo: Rangsutra Crafts, India/courtesy of 200 Million Artisans.
Bottom Photo Montage: Courtesty of C3 grantees (L to R): Ashesi University, Pacific Community Ventures and 200 Million Artisans.

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