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Toniic is a global community of more than 500 high-net wealth individuals (HNIs), family offices, and foundations seeking deeper positive net social and environmental impact with their assets. As a C3 network partner, Toniic is working with its membership as a laboratory to uncover and test compelling content and required resources to activate HNIs and family offices in the greater use of catalytic capital.

Toward that end, Toniic conducted research among its HNI and family office members, seeking to understand their needs with respect to catalytic capital, including perceptions, barriers, opportunities, and ways to encourage more deployment of capital with a catalytic lens. Based on this research, Toniic developed an online training course for HNI and family office investors interested in exploring the deployment of catalytic capital. The training course is structured across three modules: Inspire, Inform, and Implement.

The Inspire module addresses the unique impact catalytic capital can deliver and why to consider it. The Inform module describes how catalytic capital transactions are structured and how catalytic capital addresses gaps left by mainstream capital. The Implement module describes how this investor demographic can integrate catalytic capital into their portfolios by presenting case studies, a decision model to assess the need for catalytic capital, and information on how to incorporate catalytic capital in an investment policy statement. The training course will be available in June 2023, alongside other catalytic capital resources and the research report.

“Impact investors are clustering at the ‘market rate’ end of the spectrum, leaving many high-impact opportunities underfunded,” says Adam Bendell, CEO of Toniic. “This project is supporting a deep dive with our members to understand how to foster greater deployment of catalytic capital and to share those learnings with the public.”

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