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First Peoples Worldwide

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United States

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The Project

First Peoples Worldwide, a Native-led program within the University of Colorado, focused on Indigenous communities in the U.S., researched the impact of catalytic capital on Indigenous entrepreneurs and enterprises. By articulating knowledge gaps and building capacity around catalytic capital in Indigenous-led projects, this research aims to encourage deployment of catalytic capital to address some of the starkest racial and socio-economic disparities in North America.

Value and Outcomes

Native Americans comprise 2 percent of the U.S. population, but Native nonprofits attract just 0.23 percent of philanthropic funds and estimates of investment in Native communities also fall short. This project provides essential learnings and frameworks that can then create a pathway to provide Indigenous enterprises with access to capital that aligns with their priorities, benefitting their communities for generations to come.

The research collected examples of catalytic capital in Indigenous communities throughout both the U.S. and Canada. Working with investors and capital seekers to identify differing perspectives and common challenges, the team developed a framework for a shared understanding of the role and purpose of catalytic capital in Indigenous communities—all of which is being communicated through a research publication, webinars, and collaborative discussions with impact investing and Native networks.

For more information on First Peoples Worldwide, visit their website.

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