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African Venture Philanthropy Alliance (AVPA)

The African Venture Philanthropy Alliance, based in Nairobi, is a pan-African network for social investors interested in collaborating to increase the flow of social investments in Africa and ensure that capital (financial, human, and/or intellectual) is deployed as effectively and innovatively as possible for maximum social impact. With C3 support, AVPA is developing a training program to drive an increase in the number of catalytic investors on the continent, thus increasing the availability of risk capital in Africa.

“Africa remains a major impact opportunity in the world but is largely held back by inadequate financing for social investments,” said Dr. Frank Aswani, AVPA’s CEO. “Progress towards mobilizing sufficient social investments to address our SDG financing gap will only be achieved if we can creatively mobilize and deploy private capital for social investments, and catalytic investments are important in unlocking this capital. Through this program we intend to train African grantmakers and investors on catalytic investing, thus enhancing their ability to work with and mobilize private capital for sustainable impact on the continent,” he said.

Relatively, Africa isn’t short of capital; it’s short of risk capital. AVPA’s training program is meant to unlock badly needed private capital, especially for early stage and growth impact enterprises and initiatives across the continent, that will create jobs and bring about necessary change.

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