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The Impact Investing Institute (The Institute)

Geographic Focus:
Global South

Grant Amount:

The Project

The Impact Investing Institute (the Institute) is a non-profit focused on making capital markets work better for people and the planet. This project will leverage the transformative potential of catalytic capital to support a Just Transition to net zero carbon emissions and mobilize more institutional capital for low-income communities in the Global South. By supporting participation in the Institute’s Just Transition Finance Challenge, it will help increase the capacity of catalytic capital providers and Global South-based investors to develop and launch financial products that attract institutional capital at scale to achieve an inclusive transition.

Values and Outcomes

The Impact Investing Institute is addressing a critical global issue – the Just Transition. While the concept of a Just Transition is gaining traction among public and private investors, there is a risk that this growing pool of capital will not reach the areas where positive environmental and social impact is most needed. The overall goal is for financing vehicles focused on delivering a Just Transition to be developed faster and to be more attractive to institutional investors through better-informed deployment of catalytic capital. The project will center the voices and needs of local actors through increased involvement of asset and fund managers from developing countries—an important step in making Just Transition-focused financial vehicles more inclusive.

For more information on the Impact Investing Institute, visit their website.

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