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Latimpacto, based in Bogota, is a community of human, financial, and intellectual capital providers committed to achieving solutions with significant social and environmental impact in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its 139 members include leading foundations, corporations, investment funds, family offices, accelerators, and incubators from inside and outside the region. 

With C3, Latimpacto designed a comprehensive approach to create a path for social investors and philanthropists in the region eager to understand and mobilize catalytic capital. Through both general and specialized training, it is building the capacity and understanding of catalytic capital among network members and the broader Latin American community. It is also disseminating knowledge and learnings via local case studies, as well as the translation of case studies from C3´s strategic partners into Spanish and Portuguese. And it is catalyzing capital deployment towards impact initiatives in the region, supporting development of technical skills in intermediaries, identification of local deals in need of catalytic capital, and presentations to potential investors.

“The partnership with C3 is a high priority for us, and it is fully aligned with our purpose: to mobilize more capital towards impact in Latin America through the effective use of catalytic capital throughout the world, working with all our members and a broader ecosystem through various opportunities for knowledge, training, and connections,” said María José Céspedes, chief product officer.

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