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The Project

KOIS is a global impact investment and advisory firm that proposes to build the ‘Dignity in Labor’ platform, a multi-stakeholder platform that will leverage catalytic capital & blended finance tools to provide access to affordable credit for unbanked & under-banked customer groups in India. Through this platform, KOIS will bring together a consortium of organizations (service providers, lenders, and donors) that will together develop and deploy systemic financial solutions to accelerate socio-economic mobility for platform users (small businesses, informal workers, and nano and micro-entrepreneurs.). The platform will also enable access to relevant government social security programs for all workers that interact with the facility.

Values and Outcomes

KOIS’ platform is an innovative solution to increase access to affordable credit for economically disadvantaged, unskilled or semi-skilled, informal workers in India. The platform will also enable access to government social security schemes for platform user groups, thus enhancing social and financial inclusion, digitalization, and formalization of labor. The program includes a monitoring and evaluation framework, as well as planned reporting to help expand learning and foster a market-based approach to scale similar financial inclusion initiatives in those emerging markets where most small businesses and blue-collar workforces remain credit unserved or under-served while incentivizing ethical behavior.

For more information on KOIS, visit their website.

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