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Aceli Africa (Fiscal Sponsor-Global Development Incubator) + Dalberg Advisors

Geographic Focus:
East Africa

Grant Amount:

The Project

Aceli Africa deploys a new, innovative model that leverages catalytic capital to channel lending to the least served and most impactful businesses in the agricultural small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) market in East Africa.  Under this project, Aceli proposes to gather data and generate industry learning on the impact generated through initiative-supported lending. This work is expected to reveal relevant learnings in sectors outside of agriculture and in other regions globally. Along with its data partner, Dalberg Advisors, Aceli will gather data on 360 existing loans and engage more than 20 lenders to determine how catalytic capital can shift the economics of agricultural lending and influence lender strategies.

Value and Outcomes

Aceli’s research has the potential to impact the livelihoods of many in the African agricultural industry, which is largely composed of low-wage workers, women, and youth. The 360 loans analyzed in this study alone will benefit 200,000 smallholder farmers and enterprise employees and an estimated 1 million household members. Although this is a significant result, there are an estimated 33 million smallholder farms in Africa, contributing up to 70 percent of the food supply. Learnings from this deployment can be applied more broadly for greater impact.

The study will engage lenders, donors, and other influential ecosystem participants to generate learning, which will be shared at stakeholder convenings and global impact investing events, and disseminated through both briefs as well as more comprehensive reports.

For more information on Aceli Africa, visit their website.

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