How wealthy individuals and family offices are embracing catalytic capital

“Wealthy individuals and family offices are an under-tapped source of catalytic capital,” writes Dario Parziale, head of investment research and analysis at Toniic, the global impact investing network, in a commentary for ImpactAlpha.

“Family offices and High Net Wealth Individuals (HNIs) can operate without the financial return parameters or fiduciary obligations that most institutions must follow. That means that they can seek out opportunities that maximize combined impact and financial returns, rather than focusing on a financial return benchmark.  

“And the appetite is there. Through a series of focus groups and surveys, Toniic recently collected feedback from more than 90 impact investors about their motivations, strategies and barriers when it comes to catalytic capital. About 30% of the investors said they are open to accepting lower or uncertain returns for the same risk as commercial investors “most of the time,” and about 60% “some of the time.”

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