Grantmaking Approach & Priorities

Learning, market development, and field-building

To make real progress toward a more just, equitable, and resilient world, we need to unlock more catalytic capital and ensure that it is deployed more efficiently. C3 Grantmaking supports this important aim by equipping the investor community with knowledge and tools that promote the greater and more effective use of catalytic capital. This includes three workstreams that are designed to build and advance knowledge about catalytic capital, as well as to engage and work closely with the providers of this capital—with a particular focus on foundations, development finance institutions and family offices.

200 Million Artisans/Jaipur Rugs

Strengthening the Evidence Base

C3 has funded 14 projects to analyze the uses of catalytic capital around the world. This workstream focuses on building knowledge about why and where catalytic capital has been needed, what it looks like, who has been involved, how it has been utilized, and what outcomes have been the result, drawing on current and historical experience from around the world.

Advancing Practice

This area of work supports engagement and collective learning with leading catalytic capital providers to identify and share current best practices and advancements in the field. The goal is to help practitioners solve technical or practical implementation challenges through knowledge guides, convenings, and other activities that can inform and support effective deployment of catalytic capital.

Latimpacto Impact Minds Conference
NABII Zambia Impact Investment Summit

Fostering Solutions and Infrastructure

To spur the use of catalytic capital and help address key barriers and gaps that impede transactions, C3 is funding 12 action-oriented pilots and projects to make catalytic capital transactions faster, more efficient, and more effective. This workstream is meant to bolster the infrastructure for the catalytic capital market and help accelerate the flow of this vital form of impact investment.

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